Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sevyn's Media Blitz!

This picture was found on dallasnews.com as the headline picture for a story that was written about fans at the watch party. Sevyn had so much fun playing with the dancers!

This picture is one of my favorites. Sevyn was in line for the Star Spangled banner with the dancers and several reporters were snapping pics. This picture was on Getty Images and was put on website all over the world including the indiatimes.com, and yahoo UK.

This picture was found on DFW.com. I really like that it is both mommy and Sevyn, for once I get to be in a picture with her.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Our biggest accomplishment yet . . .

I decided to take Spring Break and really focus on potty training with Sevyn. It was a great week of mommy-daughter time and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Sevyn did a really good job. She tried hard, never really got mad or frustrated and for the most part potty training went smoothly.

On Tuesday she got really sick (I will spare the details) but it wasn't very much fun. I think I did 7 loads of laundry that day between sheets, blankets, towels, and panties. She was a trooper though. She kept pushing through and by Thursday it had mostly cleared up.

By Friday, Sevyn filled her potty training sticker chart! I was so proud of her and you can see she was proud of herself! She even put it on her daddy's pillow so that he could see it when he came home from his Mav's game. It was so cute!

As a congrats to both Sevyn and I, we went and had a cupcake on Friday afternoon at Legacy Bakery in Grapevine (our favorite indulgence right now!)

Sevyn has been diaper free for two weeks and it has been great. The idea that I won't have to buy diapers and wipes again is so exciting (at least until another one comes along.) My grocery budget is thanking me for taking her out of school for one week in order to get it done!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Updated Pics

Here are just a few random pics we have taken over the last few weeks.

Daddy-daughter date to the Stars Game!

Getting Rowdy! Free refills on popcorn apparently means you can dump it, wear it as a hat, then refill it again later.

Snow day!

Will this work for the Kentucky Derby?
Car ride with Mikayla . . . 2 year old driving, a scary thing.

Hot Stuff!

No words. Love this.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sevyn's 2nd Birthday Party

Sevyn had her birthday today and she had such a fabulous time. We invited about 20 friends and their parents to her party at Southlake Gymnastics Academy. This is the same location that she takes gymnastics on Saturday mornings. She just loves running around, jumping on the trampolines, walking on the balance beams, and much more.

This morning Sevyn went to gymnastics like she normally does. We did this because we knew she would be exhausted and would fall asleep for a long, long time! And our plan worked perfectly. Sevyn napped for 3 hours! She woke up just in time to go to her party . . . in fact I ran out of time to feed her lunch. Oh well, she didn't seem to mind.

Here is Sevyn running down the tumble track she loved it so much! The crash landing is into the foam pit. . .

Swinging over the foam pit on a rope. Sevyn liked hanging but was stunned by the landing. I don't think she was expecting that.

Crawling through the obstacle course.

Big muscles . . . swinging from the rings.

But Sevyn's favorite thing to do is jump . . . and she is finally getting pretty good at it. It took us a long time to learn to jump with two feet.

Sevyn showing off her balancing skills on the low beam. She also loves working on her high kicks on the high beam.

Daddy helping Sevyn blow out her birthday candles.

Sevyn's cake incorporated three different characters. Her favorites Elmo, Mickey and Mary Poppins.

The big group photo was fun on Mount Southlake.

When we got home Sevyn opened up all her presents. She had so much fun playing with all her toys. Sevyn is blessed with such great family and friends!

Honestly, I thought that if you do birthday parties away from your home you wouldn't have to deal with a mess . . . boy was I wrong!

Sevyn's birthday is on the 13th, and that is when she will get her big birthday present from mommy and daddy! I can't wait to give it to her and post pics. I know she is going to LOVE it!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Been a While!

Oh boy, it has been a long time since I last updated. I apologize!

Sevyn is now 20 months old, so there is lots to catch up on.

I started my job as a teacher in August, and it has been great! With that, Sevyn has started going to full-time childcare. I was really nervous at first because she has always talked so well. I was afraid that they wouldn't work with her quite as much and she might regress. BOY WAS I WRONG! And thanks the Lord I was wrong. We love our childcare facility, Metroplex Chapel.

Sevyn has learned to sing quite a few songs. Her favorites are:
1. ABC's
2. Deep and Wide
3. Itsy Bitsy Spider
4. Jesus Loves Me
5. I Love You This Much - Written by Jim
6. Wheels on the Bus
(I am sure there are more, but drawing a blank.)

Sevyn talks a ton. Her vocabulary has increased exponentially. She is mimics everything we say, and loves to talk to everyone she meets. We are working on counting to twenty. She can do 1-5 by herself, but if you say the numbers she will repeat you all the way to twenty. Its a lot of fun to watch her learn.

Sevyn also loves to put puzzles together, take care of her babies, color and clean. Yes, we love to clean. Saturday mornings, evenings . . . if I am cleaning so is Sevyn.The Mav's season has just recently begun

The Mav's season has just recently begun. Sevyn went to NBA 101 and Fan Jam. Unfortunately, I think our trips to the AAC this year are going to be limit. Sevyn usually has an 8pm bedtime. We can stretch it sometime if its a good day, HOWEVER, Sevyn doesn't understand that she can't go onto the court everytime daddy is out there. I spent most of my time chasing her, and she is much faster than she was last year.

Here she is standing in Rick Carlisle's locker.

Things have been a whirlwind lately. We have been running 100 mph much like we normally do, but since I am teaching days seem to be going by faster and faster.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


The park nearby has a LOT of ducks. Sevyn really liked the ducks, they would walk to her and she would run away, then she would run after them, back and forth for about 30 minutes!

Cheeeeeese! Sevyn is always on cue when a camera is pointed at her!

We went to the park recently and Sevyn got to swing for a long while. She just loves to swing!

Potty time. We spend lots of time walking into the bathroom and trying to potty. Not always successful. This trip Sevyn just wanted to go check on the potty, open the lid a couple times. She was also very proud of her pink Chuck Taylor shoes that finally fit. We have had them for months but they were too big for Sevyn.

Sevyn had fever for 4 days, so to celebrate that finally going away we went and got snow cones! Sevyn just loves them, and they have become our favorite summer treat.

Saturday morning we had waffles! Sevyn really enjoyed eating her dad's with syrup on them. Sticky but fun and yum!

We bought Sevyn a new rocking horse and she loves it! It took her a little bit to get comfortable on the "horsey" as she calls it. If you squeeze his ear the horse neighs, winnies, and moves its head and tail.

Sevyn loves talking on the phone, especially when her daddy calls her. Sometimes she walks around the house with my iphone to her ear just having her own conversation, with no one on the line. Her conversation sounds like "Hello . . " "Hi, Daddy" "Yes" "I Don't Want To" etc. Its pretty funny to hear sometimes, especially when you know she is mimicking a conversation she has probably heard.